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YGL-150A Crawler Drilling Rig

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Driven by hydraulic power, the L-150A crawler drilling rig is installed on the crawler for easy movement. The power head (top drive) multifunctional construction machinery is applicable for big tonnage prestress anchoring hole drilling or weep hole drilling. In addition, it is widely seen in the construction of urban deep foundation pit support, foundation reinforcement project, and ground source heat pump hole. Apart from that, the crawler drilling rig is sometimes employed for the geological calamity prevention, such as landslide, rock collapse, and some others, as well as the construction of hole for grouting reinforcement, foundation pile, hydrological water well, etc.

1. Engineered with powerful drilling capacity, the crawler drill has wide application, rapid drilling speed, high working efficiency, and optimal accident handling capacity.
2. The extension mechanism, which has been granted the national patent (No. ZL03222451.6), is installed on the output shaft of the power head to protect the drilling tool from being damaged.
3. Supporting hydraulic shift method, the gearshift of the power head is characterized by simple, convenient and reliable gearshift.
4. To reduce the time for non-productive operation and intensity for operation, the crawler drilling rig is designed with hydraulic clamp and breakout device installed on the orifices of the product.
5. Mounted on the crawler, the drilling machine can be moved easily.
6. This product adopts main elements purchased from well-known suppliers home and abroad for stable overall performance and long service life.
7. Our crawler drilling rig supports multiple drilling methods, including rotary drilling with alloy drill rig, auger drilling, down-the-hole hammer drill by air, among other.
8. This range of product comes with drill arm to realize mast regulation in multiple angles and lengths, making the drilling tool particularly suitable for deep foundation pit anchor cable construction.
9. The jet grouting device is optional for the construction of anchor cable with expanded pile head.

Technical Parameters
Hole Depth 130-250m
Hole Diameter 130-250mm
Power Head Output Rotation Speed (forward and reverse) 21/42, 79/158rpm
Power Head Max. Output Torque 7800Nm
Power Head Feeding Stroke 3500mm
Max. Power Head Lifting Capability 65kN
Max. Power Head Thrust Force 45kN
Mast Sliding Compensating Stroke 3500mm
Drill Rod Specification Φ89×1.5m, Φ168×1.5m
Gradeability 20°
Overall Dimension(transport state) 6500×2200×3000mm
Diesel Engine Power 37+22kW/74kW
Weight 6800kg
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